Welcome to Pendragon Multi-Sensory Centre

  • Took my 17 year old daughter today and she loved it, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, we will be back

    Kerry L 9th July 2016
  • Fantastic place with friendly and accommodating staff. My little boy absolutely loved it.

    Stuart M9th July 2016
  • An incredible unit supported by a warm & welcoming team!

    Ellie W4th July 2016
  • A fantastic centre with friendly and helpful staff.

    Sam W8th July 2016


The centre is located in  Northallerton and provides support and makes a real difference to the lives of those with physical, mental and emotional difficulties and their families and carers.

The specialist Centre  provides a wonderful range of sensory experiences and therapeutic and developmental opportunities and support to visitors. It also provides a haven for those clients and their families and carers who are seeking respite and relaxation and an opportunity to meet. It will includes a large studio based specialist multi- sensory environment for groups of up to 14 in number and a smaller environment for more personalised use by up to 2 clients. The Pendragon Multi-sensory centre has full hoisting facilities and a purpose built changing room for people using the centre.

The space provides  a wide range of specialist “tools”  and equipment in order to encourage and stimulate development, motivate, build confidence and enable self- expression and fun through the use of a range of physical components and the extensive use of sound and light using the latest technology.

The specialist environments also provides a valuable opportunity for not only those with special needs, but also for their siblings and for their whole families to come and have fun and relax together in a safe and inspiring setting.

There is also  a café area where clients and their families and carers can meet and relax.

Clients and visitors will be supported at the Centre by qualified and specialist staff in order to provide the necessary specialist advice and input where it is required and to ensure that they will be able to make the most of the opportunities available.

Complementary to the range of internal environments, the Centre is now planning to expand the range of opportunities available to clients, through the further development of access to and the facilities within the outdoor green space area which lies immediately outside the building.

Pendragon Multi-sensory centre looks forward to welcoming you all to our amazing new centre. A truly special place for special people!